Belchamp Walter Parish Council

About the Belchamp Walter Parish Council Website

This is the official website of the Belchamp Walter Parish Council. To fulfil the requirements according to the government.

Basically for a Parish Council or a small government agency this relates to GDPR and Transparency.

GDPR is making sure that you are careful with personal data, and that you publish a policy regarding how any data collected will be used and how it will be destroyed. While this is a gross over simplifacation it is not the purpose of this site to explain GDPR in detail, links to the official authorities can be found below.

Transparency is the posting of financial data, such as items with a value of over £100 that form part of the accounts for the council and the accounts themselves.

Notes to websmaster

As I don't update this website on that regular basis here are a few notes so that I don't forget to change/update a few things.

I added a class for the menu so that the items display as "block". This was using the selector #menu li a
- the id = "menu" needs to added to the menu list and the css added.

I added a background image to the page template. This may not be on all pages and all pages may not be converted to use the new template. Going forward I may want to make a new css to allow future customisation of colours etc.

I am still experimenting with the templates for the Parish Council website, but as it get so little traffic I feel that my time is better spent elsewhere.

The fixed nature of the content section needs to be worked out. At the moment I seem to have to add more space as I add content to the page. I guess that this is okay as it ensures the position of the footer