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You will be able to select from a range of merchandise and then make your purchase. As an example here I have taken the sale of the Georgian fence posts and hoops that have recently been replaced and almost £1,000 has been raised for the Church

Church Fence Post
Church Fence
Church Fence

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Payment methods

After much research it seems that there are many ways of taking payments for online purchases. In fact there are probably too many options.

That being the case I think that the approach that should be taken by the "Friends" is to keep things really simple. The fact that we are only ever going to have a few items of merchandise, payments for events and for donations and membership there seems little point in the configuration of a "Shopping Cart" as found on many eCommerce websites. Those that are using the "Friends" website are most likely to be supporters of the "cause" and not just random visitors that have found us by a search not related to Church Activities and mentions on Social Media. As this is the case then it is proposed that payments are to be made by existing Online Banking methods. Extending payment options to credit cards and other methods such as PayPal and Apple Pay are not required.