Belchamp Walter Parish Council

Belchamp Walter PC - Website Design

The Belchamp Walter PC website was totally designed by Martin Winter,

The code is pure html and css (Internet mark-up and a Style Sheet). A CMS (Content Mangement System) was not used and all the development and maintenance can be performed on a basic computer using free software. the website can be built and tested without the need for an Interet connection, something that if you live in a rural area you may not have 24/7! Of course, you will need a broadband connection to upload but this is also acheived with free software.

The cost - is a Domain registration and possibly hosting.

Design Fundamentals

Simple, simple, simple

Since embarking in this venture of designing a Parish Council Website from scratch I have added many enhancements to my original design. Still, I think that it remains "simple". I think I now have a fully "responsive" design that makes the viewing of the site possible on all devices. While this is not a primary consideration for a Parish Council, I think that is nice to have. All you need as a bare minimum is a website that can be accessed via the Internet. The Parish Councl website only needs to contain links to documents to fulfill your transparency requirements. These requirements are clearly specified in the Transparency Code:

Items you are required to publish - taken from the government Transparency Code

10. Smaller authorities should publish:

  1. all items of expenditure above £100 (see paragraphs 13 - 15);
  2. end of year accounts (see paragraphs 16 and 17),
  3. annual governance statement (see paragraphs 18 and 19),
  4. internal audit report (see paragraphs 20 – 22),
  5. list of councillor or member responsibilities (see paragraph 23), and
  6. the details of public land and building assets (see paragraphs 24 - 27),
  7. Minutes, agendas and meeting papers of formal meetings (see paragraphs 29 and 30).

These items should be published annually and not later than 1 July after the year to which they relates. Full details of the code can be found on the link below.

I have provided templates for all these requirements. These can be found on the relevant pages.

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